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W-90 Drill-Decorating Fused Glass



W-89 Tempered Glass Kiln-Casting

 The selection, preparation and casting of tempered glass.


W-88 Decorating Dichroic with Enamels

 The use of enamel powders in fused Dichroic glass

W-87 Etched Dichroic Earrings

 Creating multiple images from a design to produce a large volume of items.


W-86 Flow-Fill Patern Blocks (Part-2)

 The sawing and fusing of mirror pairs


W-80 Multi-Layered Dichroic Decorating

Creating 3-dimensional dichroic images in fused glass

W-79 Patern Rollers for Sand-Bed Kiln forming

Repeatable designs for multiple impressions


W-78 Illuminating Kiln Formed Glass

Illuminating and mounting kiln glass sculptures


W-77 Suction Sand Carving for Kiln-Forming

Assembling of the sand recovery system and decorating for sand bed kiln-forming


W-76 Kiln-Bending Vitrigraph & Sheet Glass Candy Canes

Creating complex curves in kiln-slumped glass

W-75 Making Outer Rims with Sheet Glass for Vitrigraph Fusing

Using compatible sheet glass to create rims for vitrigraph dishes & bowls


W-74 Buying Wholesale COE-104 Millefiori Direct From Italy

My experience buying millefiori at a fraction of the cost


W-73 Making Curved Vitrigraph Patterns

Pre-firing complex vitrigraph patterns


W-72 Vitrigraph Pattern Block Making

Designing and Pre-Fusing Patter Blocks For Vitrigraph Pots


W-71 Making Custom Vitrigraph Pots and Cane Shapes

Folding up stainless pots and making custom cane shapes


W-70 Sand-Bed Pattern Burn-out using Float Glass

Variations on an established technique, sand press-firing and burn-out


W-69 Enamel Technique in 15 Minutes

The use of enamels on salvaged float glass


W-68 Decorating Dichroic with lampworked Inclusions

Using a small torch and a kiln to prepare decorations for dichroic fusing


W-67 Kiln Beads and Colored Holes in Fused Glass

Fusing colored holes in kiln-formed beads, pendants and bracelets


W-66  Core Casting with Permanent Molds

Forming holes in kiln castings for mounting and other uses


W-65 Press-Fired Vitrigraph Spiral Cane Pendants

Pressing pieces of canes with fusing glass to create thin pendants


W-64 Vitrigraph Hot-Swapping Pots & Using Dichroic

Changing pots and quenching metal pots speeds up vitrigraph work


W-63  Press-fired Vitrigraph Cane Dishes

Using opaque and dichroic canes made in tutorial W-64


W-62 Fish Fossil Dichroic Bowls

Making the fossil shadow bowls using pre-fused components


W-61 Plaster Powder Kiln Casting

Plaster powder to retail the shapes on the surface of kiln-castings


W-60  Dichroic Feathers

Cutting, etching, fusing and slumping dichroic glass feathers


W-59 Millefiori and Mosaic Fusing (Part-1 Rings)

Fusing with COE-104 Italian glass millefiori and bead-making rods.


W-58 Millefiori and Mosaic Fusing (part-2 Assembly)

Annealing, cutting and assembling of the millefiori dishes


W-57 Millefiori and Mosaic Fusing (Part-3 fusing/slumping)

Fusing, cold-working and slumping of assembled dishes


W-56 Millefiori and Mosaic Fusing (part-4 Design)

Design considerations for millefiori and COE-104 rods in fused glass


W-55 Floating Dichroic Glass (part-1 Drill Cores)

Creating small spaces for dichroic coatings to float to the surface


W-54 Doilies and Textiles Patterns for Fused Glass

Preserve family heirloom textiles in fused glass!


W-53 Making 3-D Dichroic Pendants with Embossing Folders

2 different types of folders demonstrated using 3 different firing methods


W-52 Raku Clay Molds for Christmas Ornaments

3 methods for producing permanent molds with raku sculpting clay


W-51 Embossing Dichroic Glass and Mold-Making

Preparing deep embossing molds for fused glass embossing


W-50 Reverse-Embossing Dichroic Glass

Making fine-detail molds for reverse-embossing.


W-49 Press-Fired Custom Christmas Ornaments

3 methods for creating thin lightweight tree decorations


W-48 Double-Sided Leaf Press-Firing

Producing super thin double-sided glass leaves


W-47 Plaster Powder as a Mold Material

Dry plaster powder as a mold material for texturing, kiln-casting and embossing glass


W-46 Including Lampworked Features to Fused Glass

Using the COE-104 glass rods in a combined project


W-45 Squeezing and Bending Dichroic Glass

Using displacement to adjust the position of dichroic glass during firing


W-44 Press-Firing Dichroic Jewellery

Producing super thin lightweight glass earrings


W-43 Embossing Dichroic Glass Using Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a fired clay product, so are OK in the glass fusing kiln


W-42 Making Spatter for Decorating Dichroic Glass (1 of 2)

Part 1 covers several combinations for different results


W-41 Spatter Dichroic Glass (2 of 2)

Involving stencils for decorating dichroic dishes with spatter


W-40 Buying Dichroic Glass

The best way I have found.  It does not have to be that expensive


W-39 Reproducing Pattern Glass for Restoration

4 different methods for reproducing obsolete pattern glass panels


W-38 Displacement Technique in Fused Glass 

Distoring COE-104 rods to create patterns


W-37 Creating Shadows in Dichroic Kiln Glass

Displacing exposed dichroic coatings in kiln fired glass


W-36 Etched Dichroic Pendants (1 of 2)

First of 2 tutorials covering this technique


W-35 Stencils for Etching Dichroic Pendants (2 of 2)

Clip-art used for adhesive stencils in decorating dichroic jewellery


W-34  Oval Drop Molds

Oval molds are more predictable and introducing firefly board


W-33 Embossed Fused Glass Picture frames

Design, moldmaking and fusing of custom theme frames


W-32 Making Dichroic Fishing Lures

Double-sided lures with strong wire


W-31  Freeze & Fuse Buttons with Gelatin Molds

Firing Freeze & Fuse buttons complete with holes


W-30 Etched Dichroic Christmas Ornaments

Acid Etching and firing the exposed dichroic coating


W-29 Embedding Wire in Fused Glass Jewellery

Wire as a fastener and decorating element in fused glass jewellery


W-28 Holes in Sand-Cast Kiln-Formed Glass

The use of cores to create kiln castings with mounting holes


W-27 Draping Tips & Tricks

Choosing and preparing molds, plus extra surprises


W-26 Drilling and Distorting Dichroic Jewellery

The use of resists to decorate dichroic glass


W-25 Making Slip-Cast Kiln-Casting Molds

Making multiple reusable casting molds for a very low cost


W-24 Gelatin Mix Freeze & Fuse Molds

Making custom molds for freezing glass powders using a gelatin-based mixture


W-23 Freeze & Fuse Jewellery Mold Making

Making flexible molds with core holes for freezing glass powders


W-22 Acid Etching Dichroic Glass Dishes

The use of resists to decorate dichroic glass


W-21 Dichroic Scraps Dish

Full fuse with a single layer of 3mm glass


W-20 Using Fossils for Dichroic Jewellery

Transfer an image from a rock fossil to an embossing mold for dichroic glass


W-19 Dichroic Fused Barrettes

Making the slumping molds, fusing and shaping dichroic barrettes


W-18 Kilnformed Iridescent Platters

The use of resist and sandblasting in decorating iridescent slumped glass


W-17 Insulator Cats

An introduction to suspension firing, hanging glass on wires in kilns


W-16 Slumping Bottles

Making neck molds to ensure successful slumping of bottles


W-15 Tableware Press-Molding in a Fusing Kiln

Glass “flatware” traditionally made in factories can be made in fusing kilns


W-14 Making Dichroic Earrings

A quick money-maker for dichroic scraps


W-13 Making Slumping Molds with Ceramic Dishes

Selecting and modifying tableware to produce glass slumping molds


W-12 Plaster/Silica Kiln-Casting Molds

The use and limitations of the traditional plaster/silica mold mix


W-11 Sand Molds for Kiln Casting Glass

Using a sand mixture to form kiln-casting molds


W-10 Castable Refractory Glass Casting Molds

Making permanent kiln-casting molds with castable refractory


W-9  Pet Paw Print Kiln Casting

Two different kiln-sand techniques covered, dichroic and cullet.


W-8 Casting Metal Around Glass (1 of 2)

Lost gelatin tecnique used in this complicated mold


W-7 Casting Metal Around Glass (2 of 2)

The casting of the metal and the finishing work


W-6 Investment Casting (1 of 4) Wax Copies

Producing wax copies using latex rubber


W-5 Investment Casting (2 of 4) Lost Gelatin

Using a gelatin mix and castable refractory for kiln casting glass, instead of wax and plaster mix


W-4 Investment Casting (3 of 4)

Creating a ceramic shell mold around a wax model


W-3 Investment Casting (4 of 4) The Hot Part

Kiln-casting of the 2 molds featured in this investment casting tutorial series.


W-2 Setting Dichroic in Crystalized Bismuth

Growing sparkly bismuth crystals on decorated dichroic glass


W-1 Growing Bismuth Crystals

(Not Glass, but Super-Fun!) Making bismuth-coated ornaments and other bismuth projects


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