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Glass Kiln & Furnace Building Topics

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E-36 Building a Vitrigraph Kiln (1 of 2)

A super energy efficient vitrigraph pot kiln for extruding glass


E-35 Building a Vitrigraph (2 of 2) Controller

Building an inexpensive “infinite” controller for 110v kilns


E-34 Building a Table-top 110v Kiln (1 of 2)

A good beginner’s kiln building project.  No welding.


E-33 Building a Table-top 110v Fusing Kiln (2 of 2)

Element placement, electrical and demo


E-32 Bead Kiln (1 of 2)

4-hour tutorial covering the building of tabletop bead annealer, pickup-oven and fusing kiln


E-31 Bead Kiln (2 of 2)

The 2nd 2-hour segment covering completion and several demos


E-30 170-pound Furnace Rebuild

Rebuild overview and efficiency number crunching


E-29 Designing a Sandblasting Booth

Pressure pot, syphon system, gloves, venting topics covered


E-28 Mini Jewellery Kiln from a Ceramic Cooktop

Salvaging elements from a discarded kitchen cooktop


E-27 Kiln Crucible (1 of 3)

Building a small pot furnace, no welding.  “Turn your vitrigraph right-side-up”


E-26 Kiln Crucible (2 of 2)

Installing the element, lid and electrical


E-25 Kiln Crucible (3 of 3) PID Controller

The building of a simple PID control for use with kilns or furnaces


E-24 Building a Flying Kiln Control

A “flying” controller can be used with various manual kilns because it is not installed


E-23 Converting Pottery Kiln to Glass Kiln

Restoring and modifying a discarded old pottery kiln


E-21 40-pound Furnace Care & Feeding

Usage cycles, demos and efficiency results


E-20 40-pound Furnace Pot Replacement

Opening up the unit for a pot replacement, and some number crunching


E-19 40-pound Electric Furnace (1 of 9)

Design/Build super energy efficient electric glass furnace (4 hours total)


E-18 40-pound Electric Furnace (2 of 9)

Placing the insulation


E-17 40-pound Electric Furnace (3 of 9)

Grooving bricks for elements


E-16 40-pound Electric Furnace (4 of 9)

Fitting the huge elements


E-15 40-pound Electric Furnace (5 of 9)

Building the two lids, the maintenance lid and gathering lid


E-14 40-pound Electric Furnace (6 of 9)

Thermocouple and lid fitting


E-13 40-pound Electric Furnace (7 of 9)

Final prep and controller design


E-12 40-pound Electric Furnace (8 of 9)

Building the PID furnace controller


E-10 Fibre Kiln (1 of 8)

The first of 8 segments covering the design and building of bell-type fibre kilns


E-9 Fibre Kiln (2 of 8)

Base frame and supports


E-8 Fibre Kiln (3 of 8)

Guide rails and side wall insulation


E-7 Fibre Kiln (4 of 8)

wall supports and energy calculations


E-6 Fibre Kiln (5 of 8)

Installing the elements


E-5 Fibre Kiln (6 of 8)

Electrical connections and viewing window


E-4 170-Pound Electric Furnace (Part-1)

Building a Super energy efficient Silicon Carbide Electric Furnace (4 hours total)


E-3 170-Pound Electric Furnace (Part-2)

Door, controller, and use are covered in this 2nd half


E-2 Electric Automatic Cane Chopper

Automatic cane chopper with speed control for under $150 in parts


E-1 Making a Glass Grinder From a Tile Saw

Turning a used tile saw into a wet grinder that eats glass!


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