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This page is a preview of all of my tutorial videos available on Patreon.  Patreon is a platform for creators of content to be supported by patrons to continue creating.  In my case, I am creating these videos and it does take me away from my own production work, so I am asking for a small amount of support to continue producing these.   A monthly subscription fee of $3.00 is required to access all the videos listed below.  This can be cancelled at any time.  I do ad at least 3 new videos monthly, a total of 85 glassmaking topics are on the list!

Browse through the video descriptions below.  Most of the glass fusing topics are at the top, most of the hot glass topics are at the bottom of this rather long page…

Embossing Dichroic Glass & Moldmaking

This video covers the making of reusable plaster/silica molds for use in embossing dichroic glass with a positive raised design.

Creating Holes in Sand-Cast Kilnformed Glass

This video covers the use of foundry sand as a kiln-casting mold material, and the preparation and use of cores in castings to create holes or hollow spaces in the castings.

Press-fired Double-Sided Leaves

The mold-making and pressing and bending of very thin glass leaves.

Masking, Sandblasting and firing iridescent platters

The use of iridescent stained glass in decorating etched and slumped platters.

Double-sided Dichroic Fushing Lures

Making fishing lures with strong stainless wire core-coated and fused inside.

Pet Paw Paperweights

Two different methods for sand-casting and kiln-firing paw prints and baby feet imprints.

Making “Spatter” for use in Decorating Dichroic Glass Jewellery

This video demonstrates the use of pre-fired frit as a way to push dichroic coatings inward away from the surface.  Several combinations are used to create different final results.

Reverse-Embossing Dichroic Fused Glass

This video covers the making of permanent molds with fine detail for encising (reverse-embossing) into dichroic coatings.  

Making Etched Dichroic Ornaments

This video demonstrates the use of pen resist and etching acid to decorate dichroic glass ornaments.

Custom embossed press-fire molds

This video covers the making of permanent molds with fine detail for embossing into press-fired thin iridescent coatings.  

Squeezing & Bending Dichroic Glass

This video introduces the concept of Displacement, using different volumes of glass above to push and spread lower layers.  It also demonstrates the use of a converted tile saw for use as a glass grinder.

Acid Etching Dichroic Glass Dishes

This video covers the use of adhesive vinyl and Sharpie felt pen as resist materials for acid etching dichroic glass.


Embossing Dichroic Glass Using Ceramic Tiles

This video covers the use of ceramic tile patterned backs as molds for creating texture in embossed kiln glass.

Using Fossils to make Dichroic Jewellery

This video covers a method of transferring images to glass from fossil rocks and the making of custom reusable kiln molds.  It also introduces the technique of “press-firing” to create very thin fused glass.


Spatter Dichroic Glass Part-2 Bowls & Stencils

This video expands on the technique of “Spatter” with the use of stencils and creating larger work.

Sand Casting Molds for Kiln Glass

The use of foundry sand in the fusing kiln environment for creating solid kiln-cast work.

Making Freeze & Fuse Buttons with pre-formed holes

This video covers making gelatin/glycerine molds for powdered glass and producing fusings with holes.

Bismuth Crystal Settings for Dichroic Glass

Growing metal crystals on settings for displaying dichroic glass.

Making Millefiori Dishes (Part-1 Outer Rings)

This video covers the cutting, assembly and fusing of the outer rings used in the Millefiori and Mosaic dishes as a decorative feature and as a rigid boundary to pack the pieces against during assembly.

Plaster Powder as a Mold Material

The use of dry plaster powder as a mold material for kiln-formed glass.

Mosaic & Millefiori Dishes (Part-2 assembly)

This video covers the cutting, annealing, and arranging of millefiori pieces for fusing.

Fusing Dichroic Barrettes

This video covers the production of dichroic barrettes and the making of the slumping mold required to create the curved fusings.

Creating Shadows in Dichroic Fused Glass

The use of clear features to push the dichroic coating away from the surface, creating depth and shadows in the offset designs.

Buying Dichroic Glass

Many of these project videos require dichroic glass.  This video describes the best way I have found to buy this rather expensive material.

Drilling and Distorting Dichroic Fused Glass

This video covers the use of core drills for creating perfect circles, and the use of displacement pieces to bend and shift glass designs.

Custom Mold Making for Kiln Casting

The use of castable refractory as a reusable mold material for kiln casting.

Making Dichroic Earrings

This video covers the making of dichroic earrings with glass scraps.

Etching Dichroic Jewelry with Stencils and Clip Art (Part-1)

This video covers the use of Vinly stencils for the production of etched dichroic pendants.

Etching Dichroic Jewelry with Stencils and Clip Art (Part-2)

This video covers the use of Vinly stencils for the production of etched dichroic pendants.

Hot Glass Casting (Part 7 Creating holes in Cast Glass)

The use of cores for forming mounting holes and decorative features in cast glass.

Press-Firing Dichroic Jewelry

Press-firing demonstrated for the making of lightweight earrings as thin as a dime, and the use of textured tiles for pattern pressing.

Oval Drop Molds

Making and using oval drop molds.  An introduction to Firefly Millboard as a mold material.

Millefiori and Mosaic Dishes Part-3 Fusing and Slumping

The 3rd video in the series on making millefiori dishes.

Slumping Bottles

Making neck mold rests and working with screen-printed bottles.

Making “Insulator Cats”

Suspending glass from wires in kilns can produce some interesting results!

Making a Small Kiln from Ceramic Cooktop Burners

Damaged ceramic cooktops are regularly discarded and contain ready-made fiber heaters which can easily be adapted to glass kiln use.

Making Slumping Molds From Ceramic Tableware

Some ceramic shapes can be used for slumping molds with a little modification.

Casting Metal Around Glass

The “lost gelatin” method of casting molten metal around an already-formed glass object.

Investment Casting Part-1 Making Wax Copies

Making a rubber mold of a model for producing wax copies.

Investment Casting Part-2 Ceramic Shell

The ceramic shell method of lost wax casting for kiln casting of glass.

Investment Casting Part-3 Lost Gelatin

Gelatin/glycerin mixture for producing copies.  This mix can be melted out of the investment mold cavity in a microwave oven or 200f oven.  Not like smoky wax burn-out!

Investment Casting Part-4

The firing and break-out.

Dichroic scraps dishes

The use of dichroic scraps for making dishes, and the full-fusing of one thickness of glass.

Including Lampworked features in Fused Glass

Making and placing lampworking into fused glass.

Displacement Technique

The use of clear glass to move and “displace” the arrangement of coloured pieces nearby.

Hot Glass Casting 8 (of 8) Casting with metal Inclusions.

The placement of metals for decoration or fastening cast glass.

Glass Flower Napkin Rings

The making of glass flower napkin rings using the 40-pound electric furnace.

Hot Glass Casting (Part-1 Intro.)

This video covers the tools, movement, and process for successful blemish-free ladling of hot glass.

Hot Glass Casting (Part-2 Pen & Napkin Holders)

This video covers the making of whimisical rolled & folded castings as a great way to practice ladle casting.

Hot Glass Casting (Part-3 Preparing Casting Sand)

The mixing and wetting of the foundry casting sand is covered here.  

Hot Glass Casting (Part-4 Basic Sand Casting Techniques)

This video covers two basic methods for transfering model patterns to foundry sand, including the preparation and the glass casting.

Hot Glass Casting (Part-5 Sand Cast Bowls)

Casting liquid glass onto convex forms can be a bit tricky.  This video covers the process for making bowls with raised designs on the insides.

Hot Glass Casting (Part-6 Casting with Color)

This is the most difficult aspect of hot glass casting to accomplish.  The placement of colour in the furnace, subsequently in the ladle, and its position in the pouring stream all require some practice and good “aim”.

Using Powders to Decorate Jellyfish paperweights

This video covers the making of patterned molds for arranging glass powders for pick-up on paperweight gathers.  This technique can also be applied to other forms of hot glass work.

Making Dichroic Swirled Paperweights

Picking up and twisting dichroic or coloured glass strips for use in paperweights.

Making marble display stands

This video covers the making of glass stands for the presentation of collectible and contemporary glass marbles.

Making Marbles

Picking up and twisting dichroic or coloured glass strips for use in “furnace marbles”.

Making heart canes

This video covers the making of patterned heart canes in about 5 minutes using simple tools.

Making Custom Air-Trap Paperweights

Making decorations with elongated air bubbles in paperweights.

Blowing Bullseye Glass

Using Bullseye compatible sheet glass as colouring for blown glass vases.

Crucible Replacement 40-pound Furnace (Coming Soon!)

The replacement of a cracked crucible in the 40-pound electric blowing furnace, and a review of the performance records dating back several years.  The average melting cost was under 10 cents per pound.

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