What We Do

Recycled Glass Giftware

The Glass Foundry produces ocer 10,000 items of recycled glass giftware annually provided to nearly 80 retail accounts across Canada and the USA.


Glass Art

Over 1500 pieces of unique art glass created annually includes blown, cast, pressed, etched, fused, and dichroic.  Offered for sale in The Gallery.  Workshops and classes available!


Equipment Building

Super energy efficient glass furnaces developed here at the Foundry are in use in over 30 countries. Access DIY videos + learn to make your own.



Glass-making instruction by Mark Lauckner is offered as classes, drop-in summer workshops, online video courses, and mail-order DVD sets.


About the artist

Mark Lauckner

Mark has been working in glass since 1977. In 1985 he moved from stained glass and sand-carved glass to lampworking and fusing glass. 

In 1996 he started The Glass Foundry where scrap window glass is melted to a liquid and recycled into cast and blown works. Nearly 250,000 pounds have now been recycled at the Glass Foundry during the last 25 years. 

During this time, super-energy efficient glass furnaces were designed at the Glass Foundry. Mark is dedicated to promoting the concept that glass art can be created while conserving energy and considering ecology. 

Traditionally, creating glass art consumes vast amounts of resources and energy. With these newly-developed furnaces, scrap glass can be recycled into art at approx. 10% of the traditional energy costs. 

These new furnaces, developed here, are now in use in over 30 countries around the world. Mark teaches, promotes new environmentally responsible technologies, and continues to “push the envelope”, continually exploring new process and producing new works of art in glass. 

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